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FastTrac® NewVenture™

12-Week Training Course

Many individuals in undeserved communities dream of starting their own business, but with limited access to startup funding and business training classes.  It creates a barrier for them to get started.  Our program is designed to remove those barriers and stimulate economic development.

Three times a year, Grind + Growth offers an in-depth intensive 12-week training session to support entrepreneurs in launching business operations, becoming licensed and legally structured. 


FastTrac® NewVenture™ is a series of entrepreneurship courses offered by Grind + Growth for aspiring and established entrepreneurs throughout St. Louis City. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to launch and grow their businesses – and connect to a network of experienced facilitators, business experts, and other successful business owners across St. Louis City.


Only twenty businesses are selected to participate and awarded a spot in the Grind + Growth entrepreneurial program.

FastTrac® NewVenture™ Entrepreneurial Training

This program is for serious entrepreneurs who:

  • Have identified the area of business they want to pursue.

  • Will commit to starting or expanding their business within 6 months of program completion.

  • Will develop a plan to create new jobs in the community where their business is located.

We serve: 


(a) Minorities with low to moderate income, who have not yet started a for profit business but have a great idea or 


(b) Minorities with low to moderate income, who have started a business that grosses less than $50,000 in revenue.


Our goal is to teach minority entrepreneurs to:



  • Identify and evaluate opportunities in new or existing niche markets;

  • Build and test your brand/product with potential customers; and

  • Learn how to start, scale and elevate your business strategically. 



Participants will receive:



  • Crowdfunding & Marketing Training- we teach you how to turn your contacts into capital;

  • Curriculum  Materials - we administer a curriculum validated by teaching experts and entrepreneurs;

  • Consulting + Coaching - we provide one-on-one coaching along with consultations;

  • Website Development - we teach you how to build your website & train you on how to maintain it; and

  • Potential Customer Validation - we recruit a pool of potential customers to test your business idea and/or product.




  • You must be the key stakeholder in your business.

  • Your business must have made less than $50,000 the last fiscal year.

  • Must be passionate and dedicated to making an impact in your community.

  • Have a credit score of 500 or better. The threshold to receive a microloan on completion of the class from a financial institution will normally require a score of at least 625.

  • Have at least a high school diploma or GED

  • Have a valid driver’s license or state identification

  • Proof of current address on above ID or recent utility bill




Applications are accepted electronically ONLY. Application process includes:

  • Copy of a valid driver’s license or state identification

  • Proof of current address on above ID or recent utility bill

  • Copy of GED, transcripts or diploma from highest level of education completed, if possible.

  • Business Case presentation (5-7 minute presentation explaining why your business is viable or posed for growth and how this program will help your business reach the next level)

What To Expect If Accepted:

  • Attend and participate in 80% of class sessions

  • Must present final business case presentation

  • Submit final business plan within established guidelines with financial projections

  • Meet with peer coach at least three times for individual business counseling sessions during the cohort.

  • Upon successful completion of the program students receive a certificate of completion

  • Eligibility for a startup loan and seed money

Weekly Class Outline:

​​​Students that attend and participate in at least 10 of the 12 sessions, write an acceptable business plan with financial projections, and complete a presentation will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion and consideration for a micro-loan.

Concept Analysis

  • ​Week 1 Exploring Entrepreneurship

  • Week 2 Identifying and Meeting Market Needs

  • Week 3 Setting Financial Goals

  • Week 4 Setting Financial Goals (Action Steps)

Business Planning

  • Week 5 Planning the Product/Service

  • Week 6 Researching and Analyzing the Market

  • Week 7 Building the Organization and Team

  • Week 8 Planning for a Profitable Business

  • Week 9 Monitoring Cash Flow and Seeking Funds

  • Week 10 Implementing Next Steps 

  • Week 11 Business Presentation

  • Week 12 Business Presentation


Application Cycle for Spring 2020 Cohort is Now Open!

Deadline:  February 7, 2020