Passion + Purpose: What Brought Me Here

“In order to make an impact in a child’s life you have to serve the whole family.” -Valerie V. Liddell

I have always been passionate about helping others and living my purpose through serving.

At the age of nineteen I began my journey working in the nonprofit & early childhood education field as a floater at a local child care center in St. Louis City.  This was the moment that I fell in love working with children and serving our families.  After working as a floater for a while, I  was promoted to a teacher’s assistant and was assigned a permanent classroom.  I was filled with excitement and motivated to make more of a difference at the center.

As the years passed I continued to progress in the field of early childhood education.  I became a lead teacher, family support worker, early head-start & head-start manager, program director, center director and currently I’m a Director over one of the largest after-school programs.

My dedication and experience has taken me places in this field and I have gained so much knowledge and experience behind it.  Now I’m embarking on my own entrepreneurial journey of taking my knowledge and experience further to help more people.

By working with children and families over the past 15+ years–I have learned a lot about what it means to serve the whole family.  I noticed a lot of families that I have worked with had some great ideas for starting a business, but didn’t know where they could go for some real genuine help.

I totally understood their concerns because, I was working on my own entrepreneurial dreams and I had no one to help me through the process.  I had to research everything on my own with little to no assistance.  I learned about this journey through my own trial and error and it has made me very wise and stronger.

One day I decided that I didn’t want another aspiring entrepreneur to go through what I’ve been through and possibly give up on their dreams, that’s when I created Grind + Growth.  It’s purpose is to help educate aspiring entrepreneurs with the information needed to start, run and manage their own enterprises successfully.  At the end of the 12 week training program each student will  receive seed money to help with the startup of their businesses.

I want to serve everyone who may need help and align them in the right position to receive it.

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