Valerie V. Liddell is a successful and battle-tested entrepreneur.  She has worked in nonprofit for over 19 years and received a degree in Human Services and has over 15+ years of experience in early childhood education.

Valerie had many unsuccessful experiences and attempts trying to get her business launched, and this led her to research how to start, run and manage a successful business.  Through trial and error she gained a wealth of knowledge and skills, which has inspired her to help other aspiring entrepreneurs like herself.  That's when Grind + Growth was created.


She is the proud mother of a teenage son who loves to skateboard and work on his race car business.

Valerie is well connected in the nonprofit field and is an experienced grant writer.  As a founder of a nonprofit, she is confident that she has the skills needed to lead this organization and to make Grind + Growth a big success and resource within our communities.



We Educate + We Inform + We Inspire

We serve all entrepreneurs with a for-profit or nonprofit business in all industries.


Imagine you or someone you love continued to experience obstacles and barriers, that kept them from starting their business or growing their business venture. Due to lack of capital, business education, and no connection to a strong professional network. 


Unfortunately, 22.5% of small businesses fail within the first year and only 9% of entrepreneurs have a Bachelor's Degree in business.


To be a successful business owner it is important to have the proper business education to pull it through. In fact only 32% of business owners have only taken a couple of business classes, while most 46% don't have any form of business education. One of the biggest challenges for 33% of small business owners is a lack of capital and 29% of businesses fail because of this.


Our goal? Is to remove those barriers and offer business education and financial literacy classes, and access capital.  


Our mission is to increase economic development by enhancing the prosperity of the communities we serve. We accomplish our mission through a range of activities:

  • Revitalizing the urban communities and returning them to productive use

  • Incubating businesses and cultivating the entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • Actively engaging with the city’s small businesses and partnering with local organizations

  • Deploying economic development financing programs to drive business growth and physical improvement of the City’s small businesses



Registered Charity: CO-496-19


3801 Connecticut Street

St. Louis, MO 63116

(314) 553-9841

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