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Registered Charity: CO-496-19

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Operation CEO

Youth Program ages 8-18

The Curriculum


Operation CEO fosters early training and education to help young people foster an entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurship among parents also leads to an increased likelihood of entrepreneurship for their children. Studies show children whose parents are entrepreneurs 39% will create their own entrepreneurial organization.  It is clear that being exposed to entrepreneurship at a young age helps develop one’s entrepreneurial spirit, or at least the vision of it as a career option

This 6-week program encourages youth to focus on an idea and the application of an idea to make it their own. Our curriculum teaches and brings business studies to life through hands-on experimental learning based on real life scenarios.  Participants are guided through four modules: Basics of Business, Developing Your Business Idea; Developing a Financial Plan for your Business; Communication and Public Speaking Skills; and participate in a business pitch competition. Participants are matched with business role models for one-on-one business development and coaching before presenting their final business plans to qualify for a start-up grant.


Our Goal


This program prepares youth from fragile communities (low to moderate income) for success in their lives and in the workplace. Our goal is to equip youth with a foundation of values and a vision to pursue their dreams.  We are dedicated to changing the mindset of youth, to believe in themselves and their goals.  This curriculum is guided to instill entrepreneurial and economic principles to help overcome barriers and to become prosperous.


This program will start Summer of 2020.  Please apply now to receive further details about this program and registration.