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Registered Charity: CO-496-19

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Business Development Program

Operation CEO

Operation CEO is a free 16-week flexible entrepreneurship education program for children and youth ages 8-18. This program serves as an enrichment program, which promotes early training and education to help young people foster an entrepreneurial spirit.

Business Development Program

Business Development Training is an in-depth intensive 12-week course that supports entrepreneurs in launching business operations, becoming licensed and legally structured. This program is designed for individuals living in underserved communities with limited access to startup funding and business training, but dream of starting their own business. This program is designed to remove those barriers and help stimulate economic development in those communities.

To increase economic development by delivering experience based entrepreneurship training's, classes and resources to children, youth, and adult residents in the St. Louis region.


  • We will help them pursue their dreams by harnessing their creativity and energy.

  • We will help them to transform their ideas into tangible enterprises that create economic and social value for a better world.  

  • We will create a culture of innovation in the community and across the nation.


To be a leader in economic development by establishing innovative entrepreneurship classes, workshops and resources for the St. Louis region and beyond.

Our Values

No matter a person's age, socioeconomic status, or experiences, we believe they have the power to impact and change the world.

Failure + opportunity

Obstacles and setbacks are apart of the learning process.  It is important to remain resilient and preserve through failures to reach success.

entrepreneurship + all

Everyone possesses the entrepreneurial spirit and we're dedicated to helping our children, youth and adults uncover and tap into this ability.  We're very passionate about creating a confident community of leaders.

Potential + universal

Creative and innovative ideas come from people of all backgrounds and experiences.  We are committed and dedicated to igniting children and youths potential despite their life circumstances.

innovation + Diversity

Collaboration between people with different backgrounds, experiences and circumstances leads to innovative ideas and outside of the box solutions.