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Grind + Growth is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers, educates and inspires people in underserved communities throughout the St. Louis and Illinois region, to become financially empowered through financial literacy and business ownership.  


Our mission is to minimize income inequality, provide life changing programs, and increase financial awareness and financial literacy by delivering vital services focused on business education, financial literacy and leadership. We are now offering a coworking and collaborative space, that will help us extend our reach in the community and provide vital services to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.  This coworking and collaborative space will also be the headquarters of Grind + Growth! 


Our services include three programs: The New Venture Business Development program, that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to start, run and successfully manage a new venture.  Operation CEO teaches children and youth ages 8-18 the power of entrepreneurship and our Business Trainings and Resources, that we provide free to the community.  Our passion is creating successful business owners and a financially empowered community.

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Our Mission

To increase economic development by teaching financial literacy through experience based entrepreneurship programs and providing free resources to children, youth and adults in the St. Louis region.


  • We will minimize economic inequality and build strong communities by offering free educational resources and trainings about financial literacy, leadership, and business ownership. 

  • We will provide life changing programs by delivering vital services focused on business education, financial literacy and leadership. 

  • We will increase financial awareness and financial literacy by providing professional mentors and instructors to educate, guide, coach, motivate and inspire our children, youth and adults to be successful.

Our Vision

To be a leader in economic development by establishing innovative entrepreneurship classes, workshops and resources for the St. Louis region and beyond.


Our Values

No matter a person's age, socioeconomic status, or experiences, we believe they have the power to impact and change the world.

Failure + Opportunity

Obstacles and setbacks are apart of the learning process.  It is important to remain resilient and preserve through failures to reach success.


+ All

Everyone possesses the entrepreneurial spirit and we're dedicated to helping our children, youth and adults uncover and tap into this ability.  We're very passionate about creating a confident community of leaders.


+ Universal

Creative and innovative ideas come from people of all backgrounds and experiences.  We are committed and dedicated to igniting children, youth and adults potential despite their life circumstances.

Innovation+ Diversity

Collaboration between people with different backgrounds, experiences and circumstances leads to innovative ideas and outside of the box solutions.


+ Diversity

We believe all people can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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We Educate + We Inform + We Inspire

Email: contact@grindplusgrowth.com

Registered Charity: CO-496-19


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